Why Us?

"Our primary duty is to create value...”

We closely follow the technological developments and regulations, and we deliver the right product at the right time by offering boutique solutions with environmentally friendly and innovative products.

We believe that the ability of a company to focus on its core activity is the most essential factor influencing its success and power. The knowledge and skills of the institution to be served, having the necessary resources and experience are of great importance.

With its market research and development expertise, as well as high-tonnage storage facilities, our company, which has been in operation since 1989, is a Turkish corporation specialized in product logistics.

We aim to develop continuously by keeping our targets at the highest level. In this context, with our 500,000 tons of storage facilities in the port city of Iskenderun, we can best respond to the current product needs of your company.

Considering Customer Satisfaction as its founding philosophy, Altın Ateş Grup has proven its existence in every province and region with its corporate service approach, product quality, and professional support before and after sales. Our depots and warehouses provide a large surface area for tonnage. We provide rapid and economical logistics services since our facilities are close to port and highway links.

Our company provides the most professional service in its operations, with its increasing trade volume, investments and our customers who always trust us, and offers fast solutions to the needs and problems in the sector.

In today's environment, where competition is harsh and intense, our company has been and will continue to be a force behind its business partners, both financially and morally, by providing fast, honest, qualified, and supportive services at every stage.