About Us
Our company, which began its commercial activities in 1989 by investing in Turkey's rising and developing sectors, was founded as Altın Ateş Kimya A.Ş. with the goal of distributing plastic raw materials imported from abroad.

With the experience it has gained in the plastic raw materials, chemical products, agricultural products, fertilizer, iron and steel, construction, logistics, technology, food, energy, and natural gas sectors, Altın Ateş Kimya has managed to become one of the sector's most important companies, by incorporating Alp Ateş Demir and Altın Ateş Gübre companies in 2013. As a result of our main subsidiaries, we carry out commercial activities in many different parts of the world apart from our country.

Our company, which continues to exist and experience by providing raw material products to the agriculture, construction, automotive, and food sectors, delivers the products of world brands in the sector to sales points in the quickest and most consistent manner possible, thanks to its strong storage and dealer network, as well as its forward-thinking professional staff.

Founded in Iskenderun / Hatay, our company operates with an office in Istanbul and modern storage facilities in Iskenderun, Mersin, Izmir, and Istanbul ports, and ensures that all of its stakeholders are satisfied with the products it provides, the quality service it provides, and the trust it instills.

With its successful history, Altın Ateş Kimya A.Ş. is among the leading companies in its sectors in Turkey and acts with the vision of achieving international prestige.

Our company has been on the Fortune and Capital 500 Turkey lists since 2014, and its rating is increasing every year due to its growing trade volume.

Our company's success can be attributed to a customer-focused and efficiency-oriented management approach. This approach is connected with the idea of providing unwavering client satisfaction by designing services and products that fit their demands, as well as a philosophy built on the values of trust.

Altın Ateş Grup aims to continue its success by maintaining its global mindset, quality understanding and existing company values, by continuing to be one of the leading and sought-after companies in the sector, which is innovative and responds to customer expectations.