Mission & Vision, and Values


Considering customer satisfaction as its founding philosophy, Altın Ateş Grup offers quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers at the best price on time. We strive for reliability and competitiveness in the services and products we provide, and in return we continue to work to produce the best possible result for our business partners and customers.

We know very well that:
"Our primary duty is to create value...”
For this reason, we closely follow the technological developments and regulations, and we deliver the right product at the right time by offering boutique solutions with environmentally friendly and innovative products.


We want to continue on our way as an "active company in the international arena" with the power that will be provided to us by our business partners operating in different sectors of our country. We are committed to continuing our activities with our group's customer-focused service approach, which has not altered from the past to the present. To suit our clients' needs, we've set our vision as “envisioning the future from today onwards”, maintaining world-class product quality with regularly updated technology.

In line with this philosophy:
» To maintain fast and uninterrupted service quality and to move it forward.
» To follow the technology closely, to keep up with the innovations.
» To support continuous development and to direct the change;
» To carry out activities within the framework of legislations,
» To touch people and to be sensitive to the environment.
» To keep the happiness of our employees at the forefront by ensuring that they work in safe and healthy conditions,
are among our main goals.

Our Values

“Human” is the biggest investment
Altın Ateş Grup shares great goals with all its subsidiaries and employees. Fot this reason, doing all possible to boost employee productivity and create a pleasant working environment, our organization ensures that experience and quality are passed from people to products and from products to services.

Customer Satisfaction
Always prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction in its work, Altın Ateş Grup continues to work without compromising this policy and by preserving quality standards, and proceeds with a strategy focused on sustainable growth.

Transparency and Honesty

Since its foundation, Altın Ateş Grup has been recognizing that the path to success will be paved with transparency. Acting in accordance with this principle at every stage, our company has always acted fairly in all our relations, always complied with the laws and moral rules, and thus succeeded in carrying the customer's trust to the highest level. Acting within the Code of Ethics is not an expectation, but an obligation.