Message from the CEO

"Our story is just beginning”

With our transparent management strategy, interactive working environment, devotion to our job, and professional staff, we work for constructing a better future.

Under the banner of ALTIN ATEŞ GROUP today, we continue the adventure that began in 1989 with little steps in Turkey's developing sectors. In the sectors where we operate, we are aiming to improve service quality.

ALTIN ATEŞ GROUP shares great goals with all its subsidiaries and employees. Taking its strength from its principles and employees, ALTIN ATEŞ GROUP is aware of its responsibility towards the environment we live in. Our main principle has always been to operate in reputable business lines. Transparent management, participatory work environment and accountability are very important for continued success.

Within the scope of the corporate management approach, we have adopted the investment in people as an investment in the future. We have always adopted the principle of being a reliable business partner for the domestic and foreign companies with whom we do business.

We want to continue on our way as an "active company in the international arena" with the power that will be provided to us by our business partners operating in different sectors of the world markets and our country. We are committed to continuing our activities with our group's customer-focused service approach, which has not altered from the past to the present. To suit our clients' needs, we've set our vision as “envisioning the future from today onwards”, maintaining world-class product quality with regularly updated technology.

Note that many important professions and industries today were not known 20 years ago. We should foresee that in 20 years there will be many new business lines and professions. To assume our place in the future world, we must be foresighted. We must build tomorrow as we live today.

We also want to take our place in the world of the future. We have to work hard for that.

A. Uğur ATEŞ
Chairman of the Board of Directors