FERTILIZER The use of fertilizer, which delivers the minerals required by plants, maintains the physical and chemical structure of the soil, and allows plants to be fed more easily from the soil, is of great importance in terms of ensuring agricultural continuity.

In the field of chemical fertilizers, Altın Ateş Grup provides packaging and distribution of fertilizers such as 46% Urea, 18.46% DAP (Di Ammonium Phosphate), 21% Ammonium Sulphate, 26% CAN, 33% Ammonium Nitrate and similar fertilizers in Turkey and also exports them to many countries abroad. In line with the investment made in this field and increasing demand, it has sold an average of 1,000,000 metric tons of fertilizer annually, and is among the companies with the highest volume in the sector, in the region and globally.

We supply the fertilizer products needed in agriculture to our customers as quickly as possible, thanks to our distribution warehouses' proximity to ports and highway links, our excellent logistical infrastructure, our knowledgeable staff, and our extensive dealer network.

The products we supply include:
» Nitrogen fertilizers: 46% Urea - 21% Ammonium Sulphate - 33% Ammonium Nitrate - Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
» Compound fertilizers:
» Phosphatic fertilizers:
18.46% Diammonium Phosphate - Triple Super Phosphate
» Potassic Fertilizers:
Potassium Sulphate - Potassium Chloride

With the quality principles we have developed in the field of fertilizers for many years, we will continue to serve fertilizer dealers, agricultural establishments, foreign customers, industrial establishments, detergent and cleaning material manufacturers.