CONSTRUCTION Altın Ateş Grup has made many successful dwelling and depot-warehouse construction projects so far. It is an experienced company in designing industrial buildings in accordance with production, storage and shipping flow charts, designing them resistant to external factors and making the application without compromising durability, quality and economy.

We completed and put into use an industrial depot and warehouse construction with a closed area of roughly 200,000 sqm thanks to investments we made in the construction sector, and we are now constructing another 50.000 sqm of facilities.

Since its establishment, Altın Ateş Grup works with an understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Quality, fast, cost-effective, and dependable service solutions have become the company's guiding principles within the framework of the satisfaction concept.

Our company will continue to meet the needs of its customers with competitive prices, high precision and world-class quality, using its experience and strong business network.