LOGISTICS Altın Ateş Grup provides land, air, and sea transportation, as well as comprehensive logistics services for the storage and distribution of the products supplied, thanks to its extensive business experience, advanced technology, and strategic potential.

"Supply Chain Management" is the holistic phase of the supply and transmission of raw materials or products in the production and service phase in line with the needs of our customers. We know that the fast and trouble-free delivery of the products we supply to various sectors is achieved with a strong storage and logistics network infrastructure.

Our group company, ARTLOG LOJİSTİK, was established as a result of our investments in the logistics sector, in the light of our experience in "Supply Chain Management".

With 100,000 m² of storage area built on four separate properties, our company owns one of Turkey's largest A-type bonded warehouses. Our standard (horizontal) and silo (vertical) warehouses aid in the storage of large quantities of products. With our 400,000 metric tons of horizontal and 100,000 metric tons of vertical silo warehouses, we have a total capacity of 500,000 metric tons.

We store our products in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Gebze, Samsun, Gemlik, Bandırma, Gaziantep and Kayseri, as well as our Iskenderun warehouses, which contribute to the reduction of transportation costs due to their proximity to the highway links.

As Altın Ateş Group and ARTLOG, we will continue our investments in the logistics sector by providing high quality services with completely competitive prices and conditions.
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