Our Policies

Quality Policy

Sustainable quality policy is the most important factor that increases efficiency and competitiveness. With this awareness, we aimed to ensure that the service we provide is of the best quality. Thus, we consider it very important to make sure that the products we sell and distribute meet international quality requirements.

In order to maintain high-quality business operations, we need a dynamic workforce of professionals. For this reason, by constantly improving the knowledge and experience of our employees and increasing their motivation, we get the return of the phrase "doing the job well" as customer satisfaction with our trained, equipped and qualified team.

By incorporating cutting-edge technology, we will continue to provide innovative, creative, and solution-oriented services.

Environmental Policy

Altın Ateş Grup;
has adopted the principle of continuous improvement of its activities in order to prevent negative effects and pollution on the environment.
In line with this philosophy, we systematically monitor environmental performance with the TS En ISO 140001 Environmental Management system and and continuously improve it.

Our main principles include:
» To comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding the our environment,
» To keep all the resources necessary for our production and logistics activities optimum,
» To cooperate to achieve the goals in this policy;
» To take part in activities that will ensure the systematic storage and recycling of all kinds of waste generated as a result of our activities;
» To raise awareness of and guide our suppliers, along with all our employees, about the environment;
» To ensure the effective maintenance and improvement of the established environmental management system.