CHEMISTRY As ALTIN ATEŞ KİMYA A.Ş., our company, which supplies plastic raw material products to the industrial sectors, delivers the products of world brands in the sector to the sales points in the fastest and uninterrupted way, thanks to its strong storage and dealer network, with its forward-thinking professional staff.

Our company's success in this field can be attributed to a customer-focused and efficiency-oriented management approach. This approach is connected with the idea of providing unwavering client satisfaction by designing services and products that fit their demands, as well as a philosophy built on the values of trust.

Our polymer division serves as one of the main importers of foreign polymer resins, with annual sales of approximately 250,000 mt.

We intend to increase our market share in the plastics business in the near future. We have warehouses in many different ports, including Istanbul, Mersin, Iskenderun and Izmir, to reach all parts of Turkey.

We cooperate with companies that make products in industries like door-window manufacturers, plastic pipe manufacturers, sack and packaging industry, automotive and food industry, white goods components, and furniture accessories thanks to our extensive product range.