ENERGY Those who have dreams and goals never get tired!

Since its establishment, ALTIN ATEŞ KİMYA A.Ş. has always cared about people, nature and the environment, acted in line with these principles at every stage of the project processes and succeeded to be a pioneering organization in its sector.

Since 2021, our company has been working in the field of "solar energy", which is an environmentally friendly, noiseless, renewable and clean energy. We believe in the power of working effectively, efficiently and hard to make clean energy accessible to everyone and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our company has 4 facilities in the energy sector. Our clean power plants have a total capacity of 7 MW. Thanks to this capacity we have, we are able to meet the energy needs of our existing facilities, as well as produce for the needs of the industrial zone and offer sustainable solutions.

With the awareness that the environment we live in is entrusted to us, we have made it our mission to reduce the use of natural resources, prevent pollution, dispose of wastes properly, support efficient energy use and ensure the safety of the environment in all our activities.

Solar energy is heat and bright light, sourced from the Sun. It is the cleanest renewable energy source on earth. Solar energy is the conversion of rays from the Sun into electrical energy using photovoltaic modules and other special technologies. Solar energy is unlimited and the cleanest energy source in the world.

Our achievement is motivated by the desire to pass down a cleaner, more livable world for our children and future generations. Day by day, ALTIN ATEŞ KİMYA A.Ş. will add strength to its strength and success to its success, and will continue to work by increasing its investments in the energy sector.