Investment Attack of Altın Ateş Group

Altın Ateş Group continues its investments to increase the service quality in its sectors. Taking its strength from its principles and employees, Altın Ateş Group operates in the fields of Chemistry, Plastic Raw Materials, Fertilizer, Agricultural Products, Iron and Steel, Natural Gas, Logistics and Technology. Owning one of the largest storage areas in the region, Altın Ateş Group has completed all studies for the Solar Electricity Generation (GES) project. Uğur Ateş, the Chairman of Altın Ateş Group, who hosted dinner in the warehouse in the Azganlık neighborhood of İskenderun to share his investment breakthrough with the business world and sector representatives, shared his happiness with his friends. Focusing on renewable energy, Uğur Ateş, Chairman of Altın Ateş Group, stated that the roofs will be deployed with solar panels in a total of 5 warehouses. “We care about our environmentally friendly investments. With renewable energy, we will both produce the electricity of our company and meet the electricity needs of the region. In addition, we laid the foundation for our new warehouse and depot construction. Best wishes on our country and our region.” said Ateş.

Reminding that Altın Ateş Group is in the top 188 in Turkey's Fortune 500, Chairman Uğur Ateş said, "We are the 11th company with the highest increase in exports and the 20th company with the highest increase in sales," and said that they focused on new targets. “We must build tomorrow as we live today. We also want to take our place in the world of the future. We are working hard for this” said Ateş, and thanked the guests for their participation. Speaking at the dinner, Mayor of Iskenderun Fatih Tosyalı thanked Uğur Ateş, the Chairman of Altın Ateş Group, for his new investments and wished him good luck. President Tosyalı said, “Mr. Uğur is leading the sector investments that the region needs. Every investment makes a great contribution to our country. I wish Mr. Uğur success in his work”, and gave brief information about the works of the municipality to the guests. Mayor Fatih Tosyalı, İskenderun OIZ President Ayhan Tosyalı, Eastern Mediterranean Customs Regional Manager Hayrettin Yıldırım, Development and Palm Hospitals Owner Metin Yıldız, industrialists and business people attended the dinner, which took place in a pleasant atmosphere.